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We believe that accurate diagnosis is the key to correct management by offering, accessible , affordable, and reliable diagnosis , we change the lives of your pts.



YellowDotMed is an innovative telemedicine company offering a unique set of services to help healthcare providers achieve better management of their patients as well as their data. Our services include teleradiology, medical second opinion and radiology site management..

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We believe that good treatment needs correct reliable diagnosis and it is our mission to help you taking the right medical decisions by providing accurate trusted diagnosis. Our goal is efficient telehealth services for every person and every medical institution, and relying on the most innovative solutions and advanced technologies we customize our services to meet the needs of our clients. We believe that by contentious learning, putting our combined experiences and leveraging research knowledge, we will continuously up to our customers’ expectations.


  • To be the leading online provider of innovative telemedicine integrated services offering high value patient-centered care.


  • innovation

  • We believe that by actively listening and learning, pulling from past experiences and leveraging research knowledge, we will continuously be able to offer new medical solutions and services.

  • collaboration

  • We partner with outstanding colleagues, clients and medical experts to build our vast knowledge base and to arrive at optimal solutions and recommendations.


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